N.Y. Times Crossword – Sunday, October 15, 2017

By: John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
Theme: Moving Y
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 56:23

1M.I.T. Sloan grad, often1It decreases with acceleration, for short
4Raven’s cry2Get closer to, as the heart of the matter
7Steal, slangily3It’s played on the road
11Bridge work?4Rep
18Office restoration5A myrmeke of Greek myth is a giant one
21“Didn’t expect to see you here!”6City near where Chopin was born
22Generally7Actor Hamm of “Mad Men”
23Interns at a cemetery?8*cough*
25Start of a class field trip, maybe9Bit from Sunshine Biscuits
26Had a bead on10Yap
27New Left org.11Catches
28Features of Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park12Big Ten powerhouse, for short
30Instants13Mouths off to
31Endorse14Slipped up
32___ Court (London district)15Social gatherings where fruit drinks are served?
34Series ender in London16Bluejacket
35Start over in cards17Samantha of 96-Down
37Lead-in to much19Drawn
38Take to social media following a good round of golf?20California ball club
41Work at, as a trade24Some bars in the Caribbean
42Chickadee, e.g.29Over-and-above
44Brown ermine31“Park it!”
45Ready-to-___32Diminutive suffixes
47Have-not35Fixes, as a bath area
49Emmy-winning show of both 1976 and 2017, in brief36Caustic soda
50One sending flowers, say39Haymaker?
52One holding flowers40Some feet
53Brain readings, for short43Presumptive assertion
55Sounded sheepish?46Something a shooter shoots
58Speed demon48With 111-Across, cinnamon candy
61Pacts between packs?50“Same here”
65Rage51Speak to, with “with”
66Does penance54“Hurry up!”
68Corp. manager56Q.E.D. part
69“More than I wanted to hear!”57Places to hibernate
70“Not nice!”58Unconsidered
72Original Beatle Sutcliffe59Kofi Annan’s middle name
73Ones sharing quarters at the most macho fraternity?60Take attendance in a magical forest?
77Aviary parts62Routine problem, for short
78Places to cool one’s jets?63Horns in on?
80Adventurer in Grouchland64Something kept close to the chest
81Big tablet67Watches via Netflix, say
83Nozzles into blast furnaces71Modern-day circus
85One of 17 on a Monopoly board: Abbr.74Onetime govt.-prescribed nutritional figure
87Policy at a wedding’s open bar, maybe75Home of Berkshire Hathaway
90Switch on the radio76Sloth, for one
92Nabokov novel79Extra product
93Excel82Another name for hopscotch
95It led to a 1773 protest84Country rocker Steve
97Amazon peril86Complete
98Stylish underwear?88Spacious and splendid
101Mess maker89“The Departed” director
102Ill feeling90Court org.
104It doesn’t mean “lots of love”91Where the Missouri River begins
105Euphoric93Be extravagant
106Smears, as a reputation94Ones holding down things?
107Svelte96Station for 17-Down
108Excite98Call for
110Camping gear retailer99Cork popper
111See 48-Down10Early record label
112Homie10Like much mouthwash
114Things swapped at a convention of supermarket owners?10Not just think
118“Just about done”109___ grounds
119Citrus hybrid111Part of un día
120Starter supply for making bourbon112Bully in “Calvin and Hobbes”
121“Slow down, tiger!”113Long ___
122Fifth-most abundant element in the universe115The Bengals, on scoreboards
123Court org.116Place to soak
124Director Ang117“That’s all ___ wrote”

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