N.Y. Times Crossword – Monday, October 16, 2017

By: Jennifer Nutt
Theme: Orca
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 9:00

1Fancy neckwear1Taj Mahal city
6Zip your lip!”2BBQ side dish
10Something that might be said with fingers crossed behind the back3Substitute terms for sensitive subjects
13Classroom item that spins4Kimono tie
14Kind of diet replicating that of early humans5Afternoon repast
15Wedding vow6Marx brother who never spoke
16It must be removed before pouring coolant into an engine7Stomach trouble
18Writer Tolstoy8Google.com function
19Bedazzle9Partner of skip and jump
20Lower’s opposite10Serving of sole
21Unkind11Like a five-star Yelp review
22Elizabeth II’s home outside London12Frontiersman Daniel
26Hand drum14Bursts, as a balloon
27Secreted17Elizabeth I was the last of them
28Quaint train amenity21Common grad sch. credential
32Churchill Downs event23Joined (with)
36Ye ___ Shoppe24Doctors Without Borders, e.g., in brief
37Less outgoing25What Doctors Without Borders provides
39Big wind26“___ Ha’i” (“South Pacific” song)
40Documents shown at border checkpoints28Long-running PBS film series
42Feline that doesn’t stray29Home of the Cubs, for short
44Test for seekers of a 21-Down, for short30Firebrand Rand
46Sugary31Color in sunsets
47Where rum and rye may be stored33Churchill Downs, e.g.
53Feverish chills34Trombone honk, e.g.
54Nerve35“Are we there ___?”
55Fink38More optimistic
58___-de-France41Sold-out box-office sign
59Creature found “swimming” in 16-, 22-, 28-, 42- and 47-Across43The “O” of B.Y.O.B.
62___ v. Wade45Valuable white fur
63Maze marking next to an arrow47Bears’ retreats
64Show host48Probably not a summer home
65___ of a gun49“Bohemian Rhapsody” band
66Famed loch50Indianapolis team
67Penguin or T. rex in the modern version of Monopoly51Highway tolls may be based on the number of them
52Casket stand
56Away from the wind
57One under 20
59Documentarian Burns
60Sopping ___
61Wellness grp.

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