N.Y. Times Crossword – Saturday, October 14, 2017

By: Sam Ezersky
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 9:48

1Place where analysis is done1Spin out on the ice?
10Impolite sound2Symbol of the National Audubon Society
15Hit TV series based on a Colombian telenovela3Abandon plans, in modern slang
16Source of the line “They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind”4Ambitious and high-energy
172015 #2 hit for rapper Fetty Wap5Pit-y party?
18Over6Gets together after 10 or 20 years, say
19Farmhand in “The Wizard of Oz”7Didn’t go out to dinner
20They’re not generic8Hot ___
22China assembly9Half of a 1997 telecom merger
24What you’re solving, informally10P.M. between Barak and Olmert
25Eponym of a North Carolina city11What turns 1,000 into 3, in base 10
27With 33-Across, husky-voiced singer known as the Jezebel of Jazz12Longest song on Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”
29Unnerving boom, of sorts13Britt ___, real name of the Green Hornet
33See 27-Across14Slams
35Tough21Tony’s place, for short?
37Sorcerer23Topics for Kaplan
38Crossed26Blissful locales
39With 39-Down, question after an interruption28Atmosphere
40Senior moment?29Fire (up)
41Like a paper clip30Neighbor of Twelve Oaks, in fiction
42World capital once known as Philadelphia31Emperor Nero, by all accounts
43Onetime competitor of Gulf32Popular Tokyo entertainment
45Some kin34One way to the top
47Knock over36Next ___ (emerging group of young leaders, informally)
49Shins39See 39-Across
53Tropical bar offering41Dum-dum
56One of 70 in a Shakespearean sonnet44Browsers’ aids
58Mrs. Woodrow Wilson46Like snow en Argentina
59Many a B-school applicant48Give a seat
61“See ya!”50Spider alternative
62Crunchy Klondike product51Person from Barbados, informally
63Samuel ___, investment banking firm co-founder52Lab wear
64Model who popularized the term “smizing”53Fires (up)
54It’s just in your head
55Fluish, perhaps
57Warner ___
60Idol group

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