N.Y. Times Crossword – Monday, October 2, 2017

By: Trent Charlson
Theme: Letters
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 8:59

1Salmon or sole1Centrally located
5Somersault2“Fingers crossed!”
9Rough on the eyes or ears3Utterly ruined, informally
14“Fancy seeing you here!”4Cool
15Ages and ages5Longest and strongest bone in the human body
16The same6Take it easy
17Chicken pen7Drop-___ (surprise visitors)
18A B C D E F G8It comes between chi and omega
20Fitting9Fairy tale character who leaves a trail of bread crumbs in the forest
21Merriment10King of Naples in “The Tempest”
22Longtime Time magazine rival, briefly11Bar mitzvah or communion
23A B C D F12Distort, as data
27Opposite of ‘neath13Gas company famous for its toy trucks
28Slippery 1-Across19Cow’s chew
29Hay storage areas21Physicist Enrico
33Plan that’s “hatched”24Swarm (with)
36Campbell’s container25Lie back
38Narrow inlet26“Sad to say …”
39B C F H I K N O P S U V W Y30Play and film about a 1977 series of interviews with a former president
43Have a bug, maybe31One of a hundred in Scrabble
44French affirmative32Impudence
45Stops33Sign of healing
46Bundles of hay34___ Pet (1980s fad item)
49Strands in a cell?35Prefix with conscious or freak
51Not the main choice: Abbr.37Big Apple inits.
52G R X40Car with the slogan “Truth in engineering”
57Taj Mahal material41Butcher’s offerings
60“My Country, ___ of Thee”42East Indies tourist destination
61Glass of “This American Life”47Exemplify
62A B O48Electrician’s alloy
65Jump in an ice rink50Major highway
66Cottage or cabin53One who’s back from war, informally
67___ of Sandwich54Bridal path
68Gardening tools55“It’s all ___ to me”
69Lecherous figure of myth56Spicy dance or dip
70Eye affliction57Some Wharton degs.
71Paul who sang “Eso Beso”58Jessica of “Sin City”
59Yam or turnip
64Reassuring touch
65Cry upon getting a tough crossword clue


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