N.Y. Times Crossword – Sunday, October 1, 2017

By: Robert Fisher
Theme: Other Ways of Saying Things
Difficulty (0-10):  3
Time: 53:08

1Draw in1New Testament book
8Tight garment2Pilgrims’ pronoun
14Come before3Radio host John
21Stingy sorts4Life in the big city, to some
22Blogger’s pick for a pic5Bee: Prefix
23Utility worker6Dance with a kick
24Falling down7John Irving protagonist portrayed by Robin Williams
26Mean8Wine holders
27Very: Ger.9Spermatozoa targets
28Earth goddess10Dance party enthusiast
29G.P.A. killers11Wooden
30“Sprechen ___ Deutsch?”12Worries no end
31Robert of “The Sopranos”13Five-point rugby play
32Speeding ticket14Stripes mismatch, traditionally
37Prep for the runway, maybe15Amazon, e.g.
40Ball ___16Oklahoma City-to-Tulsa dir.
41Besmirch17Develops (from)
42Emotionally demanding18Charlotte ___, Virgin Islands
43Climbing Mount Everest, e.g.19Very last part
45Be Kind to Editors and Writers Mo. [for real!]20Pep
48Notable features of Stockholm and Amsterdam25André ___, 1947 Literature Nobelist
51It “exists when one goes against one’s conscience,” per Pope Francis30Narrow waterway
52Fire places33Part of an accusation in Clue
55D.C. lobby for seniors34Laker named to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016
57Locale for two of the Quad Cities35Small anatomical container
58Egyptian cobra36Landing post-E.T.A.
61Lying3712 cc, maybe
66Heat, as to soften metal38Country star Church
67“u r hilarious!”39Alternative to a name: Abbr.
68How scallops are often prepared44Draw, as a scene
69French horticulturist after whom a variety of fruit is named46Ratcheting wheel mechanism
72Cause of insomnia, maybe47Adjust with Photoshop, maybe
74Design detail49Japanese drama
77Google ___50Knocks over
78Run too far or lift too much53Even
81Go over in blackjack54Trauma reminder
84In working order56School support grps.
87Layoff58Corona, for one
94Old sitcom character who was 229 years old59Repeated cry at a dance class
95Utah’s ___ Canyon60Most profs
96Get 29-Across62Mother-of-pearl
97Railway offshoot63Out in court
98“So that’s it!”64Boost the horsepower of
99Florae and faunae65Dish served with chopsticks in a bowl
101Down69Florida beach city, informally
103Mariners70Like the head of a tennis racket
105TWA competitor71Lowly worker
108Classic Jag73Bit of wind
110Who “can’t buy you love” in an Elton John hit75Those, in Tijuana
113“There, there”76Complaining fish?
114Tax increase79“Hots”
120Cheers in un estadio80“Creme sandwich” introduced over a century ago
121Canon camera82Animal depicted in Edwin Landseer’s “The Monarch of the Glen”
122Take off quickly83Work, work, work
123“If I ___ penny for every …”85Air-conditioner fig.
124Some W.S.J. topics86Entrap
128Summer Olympics host after Barcelona88Army NCO
130Dead89Alien autopsies, crop circles and the like
134Took off quickly91Pet food with a paw print logo
135Pasta recipe phrase92Where to accent “Laotian”
136Show contempt for93Pinstriper
137At the scene99Store blowout
138“We should avoid doing that”100Suffix with brew
102Underbrush clearer
105W.W. II shipping worries
106Oman’s leader, e.g.
107Antarctic penguin
109Officially prohibit
111Lamb, e.g.
112It goes up to about 1700
115Aquarium fish
117Holiday celebrations
118Holy Roman emperor called “the Great”
119Country rocker Steve
125One of the Ivies
126Not conned by
127Let stand, editorially
129Neither’s partner
130U.N. observer since ’74
131Day-in-and-day-out pattern
132D.C. summer setting


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