N.Y. Times Crossword – Tuesday, October 3, 2017

By: Chuck Deodene
Theme: Islands
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 10:16

1River to the Caspian Sea1A shady person may give off a bad one
6Speedy2Track shape
11___ the line (obey)3Water ___ (pond plant)
14Like some walls at Harvard4Subsists
15Tureen dipper5Parting word that’s 80% vowels
16Humble dwelling6___-mo
17One might stare at the Sun7Medal of Honor recipient
19Suffix in many ore names8Something to strive for
20Paris’s ___ Palace9Served in blazing liquor
21Submarine sandwich meat10?
22Linux forerunner11Set one’s sights low
23It holds four pecks12Tummy protrusion
26NBC host Carson13Writing in digital format
291986-2001 Earth orbiter18Famed German hypnotist
30Outback flock22Banco de México money
31Prefix with sex or cycle24___ Royal Highness
32Bar habitué’s order, with “the”25Slightly off
33Retort to a doubter26Channel for fumes
36With 38-Across, feature of an upscale kitchen … or of 17-, 23-, 47- and 58-Across?27All over again
38See 36-Across28Player who might tackle a wide receiver
39Message that might start with “@”32Kind of dish at a lab
40Whitney and Shasta, for two: Abbr.34Old-fashioned dagger
42“To Kill a Mockingbird” author35Had too much, briefly
43Former piece of an ice shelf37Places for crowns
45Affirmative in “Fargo”38Really suffering, so to speak
46Huskies’ haul40Neighbor of Bangladesh
47Manager at a train depot41Touch in baseball
51What an insole helps support44“Leave!”
52Darlin’46Rock bands?
53Julius who sang “Anywhere I Wander,” 195347“Open wide!”
57[Har har!]48Cease-fire
58Discussions that might lead to a treaty49“Psycho” mother
60Master pilot50Birth-related
61Capital of Jordan54Plaza de toros cries
62Wiped out big-time55Tackles a black diamond trail, say
63___ Royal Highness56Concerning
64Moist-eyed58Liposculpture target
65Catch at a rodeo59“With ___ luck …”


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