N.Y. Times Crossword – Wednesday, August 30, 2017

By: David J. Kahn
Theme: Word Ladder
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 16:20

1*Not pointed … and the start of an eight-step word ladder1“My man”
11It may be coddled3Winner of 46 gold medals at the Rio Olympics
14Perez who was nominated for an Oscar for “Fearless”4Spry
15*Say impetuously5Fortunetelling aid
16Follower of “me” as a statement and “you” as a question6Rep. or Dem., e.g.
17He said “What Washington needs is adult supervision”7Blind side?
18Ballet support8Big ___
19With 45-Down, some drawing rooms9Book slips
20*”Paul ___: Mall Cop” (2009 comedy)10Flight attendant
22No longer in bed?11Cyber Monday business
24Ranted (at)12Stuff oneself
27The “L” in this store’s logo hints at the store’s name13Ancient barbarians
28Temper, as metal21Forgo the teleprompter, say
29*Announce with great fanfare23Pentathlon needs
30Grandpa Walton, for short24Item with a 39-Across
31“Guy’s Big Bite” Food Network host25End of ___
33N.F.L. QB Carr26Not getting along (with)
37Articulated27Part of a water park
39*Feature of a 24- and 36-Down29Aid after a neck or ankle injury
41Tailor-made32Skip over
42What comes in waves?34Filled again, in a way
44Cake finishers35Mayella ___, “To Kill a Mockingbird” character
46Kauai keepsake36Item with a 39-Across
47*Rock band with six #1 British hits in the 1970s38Smooth cotton thread
49The “se” in per se40Jong who wrote “Fear of Flying”
51Popular Jazz Age instrument43The Rebels of the S.E.C.
54Sea creature with eight arms45See 19-Across
55Cabbage or kale48Land
56*Throwing ___ (dissing someone publicly)50Landfill emanation
58Bit of cream51Milk source
59Ice pad?52Marsupial without a tail
61Going to experience53Kind of renewal
65She, in Portuguese56Teed off
66*Not be a pig57Dirt movers
67Earth tone60Set (down)
68Operated62Govt. loan backer
69Eye woes63Top defenseman of all time, per The Hockey News
70*Pointed … and the end of the word ladder64Workout unit

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