N.Y. Times Crossword – Tuesday, August 29, 2017

By: Adam G. Perl
Theme: Equine
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 12:52

1Staple of Chinese cuisine1Drilling grp.
5Submit tax forms the modern way2Texter’s qualifier
10Jockey’s accessory3Third person
14Actor Epps4Muff one
15Charles or Ray after whom a chair is named5Pessimist in Pooh books
16Onetime Ritz rival6Online help features, for short
17Classic game needing no equipment7“___ in the Morning”
20Event name suffix8Ang who directed “Brokeback Mountain”
21One of the friends on “Friends”9Double curve
22Doing a pirouette, say10Words of encouragement
23Start of the Lord’s Prayer11Anarchy queller
24Common baby ailment12“This could be bad!”
26You might not want to touch something with this13One may be struck
33Diarist Nin18Aligns
34Edward James ___, star of “Stand and Deliver”19Sweetums
35Word before coat or rat23“Miss” with regrets
36Contents of Pandora’s box24“Saturday Night Live” specialty
37High winds?25Down Under critters
38El ___ (weather phenomenon)26Like the light from distant stars
39“N.Y. State of Mind” rapper27Acquired relative
40Briefly, after “in”28Lies
41Brand of candy hearts29Hardly a celebrity
421965 Beatles hit30Fauna’s counterpart
45Equine, in totspeak31Renaissance Faire weapon
46Letters on exploding boxes in Angry Birds32Kindle download
47Cause for a food recall37Is beholden to
49Advance38Pond denizen
51Yes, in Yokohama40Singer Lavigne
54Overly inventive … or a hint to the answers to 17-, 26- and 42-Across41One “hat” for an au pair
58Alan of “Bridge of Spies”43Many a feline Facebook posting
59Music genre that’s sometimes “heavy”44Kind of income a lending officer likes to see
60Maven47List shortcut
61Like omega, in the Greek alphabet48RC, for one
62It’s a wrap49Jared who won an Oscar for “Dallas Buyers Club”
63Big name in oil?50Kind of history
51Carry by semitrailer, say
52___ Romeo (Italian car)
55Ambulance letters
56Farm doc
57Home for “Girls”

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