N.Y. Times Crossword – Thursday, August 31, 2017

By: Zachary Spitz
Theme: Different Offices in the Corners
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 29:38

1Transporter with sliding doors1Luxuries for theatergoers
5Saddle accessories2Quick break
9Kicker’s target3King in “The Tempest”
14Consumer’s boon4Kylo ___ of “The Force Awakens”
15“How ___ Your Mother”5City with a famous bell tower
16First lady with a popular recipe for “million-dollar fudge”6Collect
17School founded by Henry VI7Author who did part of his work on Friday
18Refuge8Jobs once in California
20Mitt Romney’s wife9F.B.I. agent, informally
21Pilot’s surroundings10Conjunction in a rebus puzzle
22Business add-on?11Atmosphere
23Alternative to a gun12Locale of hostile criticism, metaphorically
26Situation with equal losses and gains19Cannabis, e.g.
27“Precisely!”21Shelter staffer
29Soccer star Chastain with two Olympic gold medals24Alternative to “…”
31With 44-Across, V.I.P. area represented four times in this puzzle26Material for Icarus’ wings
35Microsoft offering28F.D.R.-created program with the slogan “We Do Our Part”
36Fish ___30Pittance
39Gavin of “The Love Boat”32Base fig.
41What a Möbius strip lacks33“The Lord of the Rings” figure
42Rehm of public radio34Certain whistle blower
44See 31-Across36Need for drugs
46Capital on an Asian peninsula37De-suds
48___ Tomb38Japanese style of chicken
52Without modification40Palm ___
53Jack who was quick with a quip43Rapper who famously feuded with Jay-Z
57Odd group of musicians?45“Music for Airports” composer
58Extra cost for an airline passenger47Tiptop
59Shift+5 on a keyboard49Taking the place (of)
61“This puzzle is relatively easy,” say50Artist LeRoy
62Not a good example51Sneakily advance from third
64High-quality cotton54Parabolic, e.g.
65Like most of Maine55Automaker whose current models all end in “X”
66Holder of the Obama cabinet56Material used in mummification
67Bargain59“The King of Football”
68Popular drink60Make out
69Like some cellars63Controlled
70Alison Bechdel memoir made into a hit 2015 Broadway musical64Common email attachment

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