N.Y. Times Crossword – Wednesday, August 23, 2017

By: Joe Kidd
Theme: Puns
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 8:20

1Remove, as a hat1Apply with a sponge, say
5Alma mater for Bush 41 and Bush 432What you might take your lead from?
9Born on a stud farm, say3Escape tool secreted in a cake, in cartoons
13Diva’s opportunity to shine4“It’ll never happen!”
14Ancient Greek theaters5Reminder to a chess opponent
15Alternative to suspenders6Leaky, as a faucet
16Caterers’ dispensers7Post-Mardi Gras period
17Actress Page of “Juno”8“Whoa! Not so fast!”
18Dromedaries on patrol?9Ointments containing aloe, perhaps
19Burlap fiber10Agitate, with “up”
22Pre-K attendees11First name in stunt cycling
23Sandwich shop request12Bears’ homes
24Sighed words15Most worthy of a handwriting award
27“Still open,” on a sched.20One-eighty
28Smartphone screen image21Common URL ending
31Deplorably bad24Specialized market segment
32Results of abrasions25Lorena of the L.P.G.A.
34Henhouses of ill repute?26Like a basted turkey
36Book between Daniel and Joel27“The Zoo Story” playwright Edward
39Gardener’s spring purchase28Grab the tab
40Nascar’s Yarborough29One having a ball?
41“Mangia!”30Pack-toting equines
42Whodunit game33Guerrilla fighter
43Overdoes it onstage35“Let’s be serious here …”
45Mother of Chaz Bono37Cash register sound
47Agenda particular38Schiller work adapted by Beethoven
48The “I” and “o” of “I do”?44Place to graze
49Celestial hunter46Kitten’s cry
55Key with four sharps: Abbr.47Political bosom buddy
56Do flawlessly48The first Mrs. Trump
57Urban Dictionary fodder49Slam-dance
59El ___ (weather phenomenon)50Guthrie at Woodstock
60Not fooled by51Iranian money
61H.R.E. part52Leader in a robe
62Drive-in restaurant need53Penny or memory follower
63Wicked Witch’s home54Rides the bench
64Freak out58Developer’s site

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