N.Y. Times Crossword – Tuesday, August 22, 2017

By: Timothy Polin
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 11:54

1Containers at chocolate factories1TV blocking device
5Southern city just south of a national forest with the same name2Companionless
10Shout after a stressful week3Where the Crimson Tide play
14Mrs. Peacock’s game4Lay eyes on
15Cello bow application5Out-of-control revelry
16Plead with, say6Get a close-up of by camera
17Fire hydrant attachment7City almost at the end of the Columbia River
18Managed to irk8In a ceremonial manner
19It’s a big blow9Hard-to-undo tie
20Pixar’s “Monsters, ___”10Yank
21Orally11Red River Valley city in the upper Midwest
23Nonverbal “yes”12House that’s cool to live in?
24R&B singer Bryson13Puts money in, as a meter
26___ Levin, author of “Rosemary’s Baby”21Go up and down, as a buoy
27Windows precursor22Plan for hosp. patients
29Undergraduate law deg.25State university city in the Midwest
30Nothing28Sunny city with a famous pier
31Clumsy fellow32“Here are my thoughts,” online
32Egg ___ yung (Chinese dish)33Something thrown in frustration
33Newborn horses341/60 of a min.
35“This instant!”36Used to be
37Make an approach like a bird of prey37Calypso-influenced genre
39Common churchyard conifer38“I’d rather go naked than wear fur” org.
42Destiny40Fan sound
43Spiritual center, in yoga41Consume
44Look for45Argentine grassland
45___-Man46Original eastern terminus of the Erie Canal
48“Nothing for me, thanks”47French sweetie
49Adm. Horatio Nelson, for one50Italian motor scooter
52Superexcited51Not hunched over
55Glowing bit in a fire52Group with the hit “Waterloo”
56Aborted plan53Grab (onto)
60Rorschach test shape54Exude, as charm
61Show leniency toward57Musk, e.g.
62“The very ___!”58Infection cause
63No-brainer?59Tasting of wood, as some chardonnays
64Freak out
65Champagne bottle stopper
66“Truer words have never been spoken!”
67Thus far
68It “marches on its stomach,” per Napoleon

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