N.Y. Times Crossword – Thursday, August 24, 2017

By: Neil Patrick Harris and David Steinberg
Theme: Magic Act
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 39:35

1Not so exciting1Portmanteau ride
4Purchase that can be deleted2Take out
7Spongy sweet3Therefore
13It may contain gold4Individually
14Sigh of relief5Old-style hacker
16Billy6Kind of pie
17Film technique – or a bad thing for it to get?7Cuisine with many curries
18Apex predator of the ocean82013 World Series champs
19Like, so cute!9“Success!”
2058-Across, notably10Pro
23Road sign animal11Chocolate ___
24Elsa’s sister in “Frozen”12A.P. exam inits.
25Able to run smoothly, say15Not punish just yet
29Apt rhyme of “squeak”21Olympics venue
31Violator of YouTube standards22They’re shocking
33Bids “one club,” say26Hawaii’s ___ City, on an island of the same name
36British Invasion band that launched Van Morrison’s career27“Cleopatra” and “Spartacus”
38Swig from a flask28What a plane lacks
39Part of a magic show30Mysterious gift?
43Tip-___ (easy baskets)32Classic record label
44All-vegetarian frozen food brand33Tribute writer of sorts
45Like the smiling eyes of song34Fastest of three historic ships
46Approach furtively, with “on”35Geographical name that comes from Old English for “East Saxons”
4951-Across, e.g.36Home of Arizona State University
50Mexican silver city37Part of a stable diet?
51Paris accord subj.40___ Gasol, six-time N.B.A. All-Star
54Cartoonist who popularized Uncle Sam41Actor Cage, informally
58Subject of this puzzle (who has himself done a 39-Across)42D, in an emoticon
61Lily Tomlin’s role in “All of Me”47Crushing, as a test
64Latin lover’s love48One who probably doesn’t get out much
65___ one-eighty49Spills
66Total bore52Recyclable item
67Goes out for a while?53Country whose national anthem is “Nashid As-Salaam as-Sultani”
68Mess up55Picnic coolers
69Asylum seeker, maybe56Needing Bengay, say
70Org. whose budget is classified57Reid of Hollywood
71Lead-in to horse or lion59“r,” in a text
60Pretoria’s land: Abbr.
61Hieroglyphic symbol
62Flow stopper
63“A Farewell to Arms” setting, briefly

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