N.Y. Times Crossword – Sunday, August 13, 2017

By: Eric Berlin
Theme: The Magic Show
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 49:59

1   Bit of a Bollywood soundtrack1    Go gaga
5   Hawaiian giveaway2    Not quite closed
8   Home of van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” informally3    Bunch of friends
12  Walgreens competitor4    Truisms
19  Greek warrior of myth5    ___-di-dah
20 Person from Calgary or Edmonton6    QB Manning
22  Source of material for a baseball bat7    Arabic for “son of”
23  Magic trick performed at 78-Down
25  Company accountant’s responsibility9    Missouri River native
26  Concern for wheat farmers10  Hurt badly
27  Nickname for an Oxford university11  Latin years
29  Puzzle-loving group12  Output of N.W.A or DMX
30  Sugar found in beer13  “This ___ test”
34  Mouselike rodents14  Herbs related to mints
36  Sometimes-stinky pair15  English lengths
39  Adds to16  Baseball’s Hank
43  Agcy. that cares what airs17  Physicist Bohr
46  Mauna ___18  Crème ___ crème
47  Magic trick performed at 119-Across and 104-Down21  They can be inflated or shattered
49 Burden for Jack and Jill24  Lesley of “60 Minutes”
50  Female org. since the 1850s28  Manipulative type
52  Lee of Marvel Comics31  Lane in Metropolis
53  Pals around (with)32  12:50
54  Coca-Cola brand33  Schindler of “Schindler’s List”
55  ___ duck (Chinese entree)35  Officers below capts.
57  “Carmina Burana” composer Carl36  Relief carving
59  Grant-making org.37  Shout of pain
60  Like most doors38  Talkative birds
61  Followed closely, as a set of rules40  “Yuk!”
63  Zest source41  Relative of pop?
65  Feudal vassal
67  Magic trick performed at 123- and 124-Across43  Long tooth
71  Word repeated before “everywhere”44  Give as an example
72  Online “Very funny!”45  Wearing, with “in”
73  Basic gymnastics flips48  Prefix with structure
76  Comic Aziz of “Master of None”49  Décor of many dens
79  “Is that true about me?”51  Onetime honor for cable TV shows
81  Movies with big budgets and no audience54  Mozart title character
83  At the proper moment56  Part of P.E.I.
84  Simple percussion instrument58  Some dental work
85  Greenish-blue hues60  Titter
87  Musical based on Fellini’s “8 1/2”62  South American monkey
89  Ready to take part64  Old war zone, briefly
90  Escape maker66  Tangled up
91  Magic trick performed at 55-Across68  Ill-defined situation
94  Blue, on some maps: Abbr.69  Offspring
95  Onetime White House nickname70  Front
96  Apt anagram of IS A CHARM74  Director of 1957’s “12 Angry Men”
97  Eight-line poems75  Looks like
99  Hullabaloo76  Name on some boxes of film
100 Four-string instrument77  Neophyte, informally
102 Kind of jar78  Provide part of a coverage policy for
105 Crisp fabric80  ___-pedi
109 Tequila source82  
113 “Whenever you want”85  Reproves
115 Magic trick performed at 15-, 16- and 17-Down86  Dweller in a virtual “City”
119 Skinny sort88  Great Lakes city
120 Hydrogen has one91  Greek X
121 Architect Saarinen92  J.Crew competitor
122 Swiss and others93  New York archbishop Timothy
123 First name in jazz96  Furs from rabbits
124 Bad: Prefix98  Got a move on, with “it”
125 Prohibitionists99  “I would ___ surprised”
101 Stand-up comic Williams
103 Literary collection: Abbr.
104 Vaccine holder
106 Run away
107 Tumbled
108 Stuntman Knievel
110 The New World: Abbr.
111 Be inconsistent
112 Book of Mormon book
114 Fannie or Ginnie follower
116 Suffix with dull
117 Small dog

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