N.Y. Times Crossword – Monday, August 14, 2017

By: Ron Proulx
Theme: Vegetarian Eating
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 10:26

1      Where holsters go1     In ___ way
5     Torso muscles, briefly2     Freeze over, as airplane wings
9     Turn into a pretzel
14    ___ palm (tree with a healthful berry)4     ___ Lord (Jedi’s foe)
15    Automobile rod5     Big oaf
16    Italian scooter brand6     One no longer in the pen
17    Thrifty or Budget offering7     Raw bar offering
19    Keep occupied, as a phone line8     Belgrade native
20    Meal option #19     Some light foldable tables
22    007, for one10   Put on the scale
23    “___ of a gun!”11    “Understood”
24    Cheer made with a pompom12    Cowboy boot attachment
25    Moo goo gai pan pan13    Faucet
26    Brit’s teapot cover18    Illegal burning
28    Consume21    ___ Major (Great Bear)
31    Meal option #225    The Dairy State: Abbr.
35    Broadcasts
36    Hawaiian garland27   Actress Lena of “Chocolat”
37    Overdue28   Alike, in Paris
38    Meal option #329   ___-Defamation League
43    Pig’s home30   ___ kwon do (martial art)
44    Where hay is stored in a barn31   Sediment
45    Path that wheels keep following32   Say grace, e.g.
46    French for “him”33   First symbol on a musical staff
47    Completely finishing this crossword, to you34    Landed
48    Residue of burning35   Torso muscles, briefly
51    Weekly occurrence when 20-, 31- and 38-Across might be consumed39   They’re all thumbs
56   Dance to some Johann Strauss music40   Directive in a pasta recipe
57   Path for cyclists
58   Fit to be tied
59   La ___ Tar Pits46   Espresso drink
60  Blueprint47   Like an off-center tie
61   Things producing red hair or blue eyes48   XXX
62  Stitched49   The Devil
63  Sicilian volcano50   “Laughing” animal
51   Mother horse
52   Flair
53   Recedes, as the tide
54   Father horse
55   “Negatory”
56   Dome topper?

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