N.Y. Times Crossword – Saturday, August 12, 2017

By: Kameron Austin Collins
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 33:12

1     Cambridge student, informally1     Dateable one
7     Militant sort2     Not fancy at all
12   Scrubbed3     Typical results
14   Mystery writer _____ Jackson Braun4     Fit
15   Start of a big fight?5     Gudrun’s victim, in Norse myth
16   Champagne is one6     Weight-watchers watch it
17   One difficult to tie down7     Jack’s sobriquet, with “the”
19   Billing units: Abbr.
20   Dreamer of myth9     Some ancient Cretan statues
21   Brand of change-counting machines
23   TV Gold?11   Deservingly
24   ___ New York (upscale department store chain)13   Big band singer Vic
25   Short but not necessarily sweet14   Mucho
26   Applesauce-topped nosh16   Fasteners with flat tops
27   Prestigious research university18   Crafts site
29   Split21   Suffragist Carrie Chapman ___
30   Colorful summer treats22   Sitcom world
33   Turkish pooh-bah24   Fruity dessert
34   Placated, with “to”25   Get along
36   Founder of two automobile companies26   Greaves, e.g.
38   Some postgraduate study27   Mass readings
41   Ability to learn and adapt neurologically28   Cozy footwear, for short
44   Says without saying29   Vintage military plane
45   Bad sign
46   Muddied31   That, in France
47   Antinuke pact topic32   Breaks things off
48   Habiliments34   Media of exchange
49   Bully’s reply35   Superexcited
37   Places to cool it?
38   Major storm detritus
39   Elite group
42   “Casablanca” lover
43   Chanel rival

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