N.Y. Times Crossword – Saturday, August 26, 2017

By: Peter Wentz
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 31:24

1As thick as thieves1Former laptop line
10Butt heads2Woman’s name that becomes a man’s name when its first letter is added to the end
15PV = k, to a physicist3Blue shades
16“Um … I’m standing right here!”4Germany and Japan, once
17Nursing is a key component of it5It was cool in the ’40s
18Literary hero who gets resurrected6Grp. that doesn’t cover the self-employed
19Introduction to science?7N.C.A.A.’s St. ___ Oles
20It hurts when you rub it in8“How’s the food?”
22Longtime radio D.J.9Crucial time for network execs
24Pentathlon event10Bank of America competitor
25Puckish11Grateful Dead bassist Phil
26Secretly12Filled with desire
29Chip, e.g.13Work one’s fingers to the bone
30___ fair14Mead
33One might be embedded21Scold and then some
34“The Warm Heart of Africa”231998 Disney princess
36Forum icons27English setter, e.g.
38President’s personal aide28Careful workers, briefly?
39Phrase used as a basic tenet of improv comedy29Be successful, as a proposal
40Thundering30Storied party host
41Worm’s-___ view31Yonder
42Daniels who adapted “The Office” for NBC32Alchemist’s starting point
43Advice for a wannabe loser35Contribute
46PIN point37Identify online
47“Oven”38Many an online nuisance
48Like some exclusive contracts40Cedar Revolution locale
52Explosive theory?44Cry after a vacation
56Birthday visitors?45Exotic salad ingredient
57Resolved to do47Orchestra section
58Medical marijuana is one49Lime cooler garnish
60Interlace50“Fine, you win!”
61Start hopping51Does some kitchen prep
62Whoops53Be super-angry
63Some office openings54Big shot
55___ club
59Cry of frustration

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