N.Y. Times Crossword – Sunday, August 27, 2017

By: Jeff Chen
Theme: Location, Location, Location
Difficulty (0-10):  4
Time: 44:23

1Way around London, with “the”1Sign of nervousness
5EE.R. V.I.P.s2Sea urchin, at a sushi bar
8HHaunted house sound3Declare verboten
13Backflow preventer in a drain4Break off a romance
18Brief, as a visit5Takeaway, of a sort
20Sub6When a baby is expected
21Oscar role for Vivien Leigh71904 world’s fair city: Abbr.
22Astonishing March Madness success, e.g.8Utilities, insurance, advertising, etc.
24He denied Christ three times9Loosely woven fabric with a rough texture
25Device with a Retina display10Try to find oneself?
26The opposition11___ quotes
27“Madame X” painter John Singer ___12What a designated driver takes
2923-Across, literally?13Candy that fizzes in the mouth
33Cozy14New Hampshire
35Actor ___ Buchholz of “The Magnificent Seven”15Gives stars to
36Epitome of simplicity16Have no existence
37Sour17Line usually on the left or right side
39Spicy fare?19Tonto player of 2013
41“Where America’s Day Begins”20___ characters (Chinese writing)
43Made an impression?23Murderer of Hamlet
45Iron: Fr.28Tuna, at a sushi bar
46Get ready to be dubbed29Doesn’t keep up
50Machine-gun while flying low30Go up against
52Stereotypical oil tycoon31Facial feature of the Bond villain Ernst Blofeld
54Remains unused32Jargon
56Sweets34Runs for a long pass, say
58Take both sides?38One component of a data plan
60Word on a jar40What the prefix “tera-” means
61Muskmelon variety42Contributed to the world
65Bombs developed in the 1950s4356-Down, literally?
66Some airport figures, for short44“Don’t you ___!”
67Eminently draft-worthy47Line judge?
68Pitch48Home to the National Border Patrol Museum
71Wiped out49Teacher’s unit
72Middling51Funny Tina
73Plenty sore, with “off”53Bubkes
74Heat5560-Down, literally?
76Antiparticle first observed in 192957Stay
78Noon, in Nantes59Setting eschewed by Hawaii: Abbr.
79Disaster film?61Capturer of some embarrassing gaffes
82Singer Simone62“The Iceman Cometh” playwright
83Doomed63Hospital sticker
85N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer Thomas64Handling well
87Ladies’ shoe fastener69Winner of four 1990s-2000s golf majors
91Staff openings?701953 Leslie Caron film
92By way of75Other: Abbr.
94ine bar order77Networking assets
97__ Lenoir, inventor of the internal-combustion engine81Former world capital called “City of Lights”
100Location of Waimea Valley84Shift+8
101What one will never be, in golf86“Everybody’s a comedian”
102Tended, with “for”88Certain cheap car, informally
104Comedian’s stock in trade89Mathematician Turing
106118-Across, literally?90Apt rhyme for “fire”
110Africa’s oldest republic93Asked for a desk, say
112Result of some plotting95That the sum of the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666, e.g.
114Bingo square98Uganda’s Amin
115Old Russian ruler known as “Moneybag”99Marsh birds
116Detective in a lab10Showing politesse
122Frisbees and such10Lower
123Like spoiled kids10International package deliverer
124Metallic element that’s #21 on the periodic table10Desi of Desilu Productions
125Like many concept cars10Show a bias
126Gregor ___, protagonist in Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”10Nintendo game princess
127Snack food brand110Lens caps?
128Latin years111Where fighter jets are found: Abbr.
113“Gangnam Style” hitmaker
117___ pro nobis (pray for us)
118Sch. in Fort Collins
119The dark side
120Symbol on the flag of Argentina or Uruguay
121“Eww, stop!”

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