N.Y. Times Crossword – Friday, August 25, 2017

By: Sam Trabucco
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 31:12

1“I like it!”1Uranus, e.g.
1They often come back to haunt people2Work of admiration
1Shoe-in?3Sound of admiration
16Wear that renders Harry Potter invisible4Test
17Make very thirsty5Malibu, e.g.
18Cheerful6Popeye and others
19Least thought through7Home of Weber State University
21Sob story subjects8Bash
22Toy that might cause injury9Looking youthful
25Muhammad’s flight10Hallucinogen nicknamed “embalming fluid”
27Net11Member of the herring family
28One blowing up when threatened12Home to many sisters
32Newswoman Cabrera13Get some quick rest
33Extremely, in slang14“___ the Limit” (Notorious B.I.G. hit)
34John Hancock competitor20It gives a driver a little height
35Like much sandpaper22Order to go
36Drew23Slip causes, in cartoons
38Thataway24Gerald Ford’s hometown
39Hindu war deity26Their number increases every May
41Partners of 42-Acrosses28John Hancock item
42Angling tool29Too high to catch?
43Observation deck of the future?30Superman, notably
45Get some quick rest31Heavy or ham follower
46Officials outranking beys33Home for gorse and coarse grasses
47Played with like a pooch37Golf Hall of Fame inductee of 2011
48Workout set40Waters near Mount Erebus
49Raccoon in a Dumpster, e.g.44Half-___
53Focus of “Ocean’s Eleven”45Response to “You wouldn’t do that”
55“When hell freezes over!”47State capital on the Indian Ocean
59One knowledgeable on tribal lore48Bird named for a Titaness
60“No problem at all”50Face-lift
61Test51Maker of Scentini fragrances
62TV family from the planet Remulak52One with a feature role?
58Ways: Abbr.

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