N.Y. Times Crossword – Thursday, September 21, 2017

By: Matt Ginsberg
Theme: U Turns
Difficulty (0-10):  3
Time: 24:07

1*Adlai Stevenson as a presidential candidate, e.g.1Speaker in major-league baseball history
7Sleazeball2Came’s partner
10Fricassee, for example3Bone: It.
14Fix, as a boot4“Rugs”
15Singly5Injured party’s warning
17Remark from Don Rickles6Crossed paths
18It’s “knowing all the facts,” according to Woody Allen7Stand
19Points along a bus route8Hypermeticulous
20Connection provider, for short9German article
21*Limits on team payrolls10Something involved in a firing
22Ragtime legend Blake11“You missed your chance”
24Airheaded12Vacuum tube innovation of 1946
25Listen (to)13Beat
28How cigars should be kept, say aficionados16Operatic villains, often
30They praise in non-prose20Sleazeball
31**Doesn’t go to either extreme23Makeup of many moon rocks
33Head lines, briefly?25A whole bunch
36Social gathering26Prefix with -logical
37Shame27Quadrennial U.S. occurrence
38“Perhaps ___”28Poker blunder
39Tomorrow’s jr.29Michael of “The Great Santini”
41Knight’s need32Managed
42___ Helmer of “A Doll’s House”34“Saw” stuff
43George I or V?35Castor or Pollux
45Blooming40Topping the Scoville scale
47*Snitch42Was prying
49Boxer’s concern, maybe44Elaborate, with “out”
50Tickle46Punjab’s capital
51Squid predator47Beats
52Abductee of myth48Formula One racer Prost
56Guarantee49Thinks but doesn’t know for a fact
581927 automotive debut51First name in mysteries
59Dessert component often bought premade53___ Strauss
60*Individual telephone connections54Airline with a flag in its logo
61Research org.55Statistician Silver
62“Got that right!”57Often-illegal maneuver that is key to answering the asterisked clues
63Mentally infirm58British V.I.P.s

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