N.Y. Times Crossword – Wednesday, September 20, 2017

By: Hal Moore
Theme: Group
Difficulty (0-10):  4
Time: 12:04

1Wall Street index, for short1Persona non grata to a striker [1]
6Things in jewel cases [3]2Letter before bravo
9Vena ___ (major vessel)3Hawthorne who created Hester Prynne
13County north of Limerick4Rap’s Dr. ___
14Painter Paul [11]5Shah’s domain until 1935
15Patron saint of Norway6Chowder flavor
16Witch hazel or bay rum7He “made me do it,” with “the” [4]
18Scrapped, to NASA8Like games with several lead changes
19Cry from Scrooge9Mark for demolition [13]
20Hindu ascetics10Distant
21Gloomy11Like the description “somewhere in the U.S.”
22Bird-related12Prior to, poetically
24Book borrower’s penalty [5]14Wrathful “Star Trek” villain
26Green Monster’s ballpark17Patrick of “Dirty Dancing” [25]
28Wenders who directed “Buena Vista Social Club”23Golfs, e.g. [22]
29“Last one ___ a rotten egg!”25Aunts, in Andalusia
30Marmalade bit26Part of Oceania [9]
34Pear variety27Hydroxyl group compound [14]
38Diner cupful, slangily31“Star Wars” extras, for short
39Some trackgoers [18]32Early Beatle Sutcliffe [19][20]
41Eur. distance measures33“Mazel ___!”
42“How about that!”35Creator of Hogwarts [10]
44Capital of 26-Down [21]36Stickup man on “The Wire”
45Scottish hillside37Plays for a sap
46What A.L. pitchers normally don’t do39Steady guy
48Interior designs40Wheel spoke, essentially
50Classroom surprise [15][16]43Pitmaster’s offering [17]
54Muscular strength45Pre-A.D. [2]
55Off in the distance47Cry before a fall
56Curator’s workplace49Catch in a web
58Fleur-de-___50TV journalist Zahn
61Citrus named for its appearance51Act ___ [6]
62Line of upscale German autos [23]52___ d’Or (Cannes award) [12]
64Bausch & ___ (lens maker)53Fitness program done to Latin music
65“Buy It Now” site54Like Playboy models [24]
66Salvage ship’s detection system57___ bag (event handout)
67Fruity quaffs59“You betcha!”
68Sleazy newspaper60They became independent in 1991: Abbr.
69Euphoric states [8][7]63Le ___ Soleil (Louis XIV)

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