N.Y. Times Crossword – Thursday, September 14, 2017

By: John Guzzetta
Theme: Thine Line
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 22:37

1Interjection derived from the Latin for “weary”1It’s the law
5Peak2Something to tie up
9Rips off3Become in life
13Food ___ (post-Thanksgiving meal condition)4Fills
14Innocent sort5German cry
16Sal’s canal, in song6Put in one’s two cents, with “in”
17With 18-Across, what a boastful guy might do7Does sumthing wrong?
18See 17-Across8University near Greensboro
20Wouldn’t settle, say9Did a dry run
22Exhibits10Jesse who pitched in a record 1,252 major-league games
23Condemned11Demographic statistic
25Save for later12Faculties
26What comes before a clue?15Cause for a suspension, in brief
27___ NFL (video game franchise)19Giants’ grp.
30Antarctica’s ___ Ice Shelf21Early TV network competing with NBC, ABC and CBS
31They’re often made at icebreakers23Most movie explosions these days, for short
33Dr. of verse24Some Jamaicans, informally
35With 37-Across, start of an ethical rule28Job listing abbr.
37See 35-Across29Burrowing South American rodent
40Prop for Gandalf32Found, as grub
42“Grease” high school34Most retiring
44Twitter site36___-mentioned
47Singer Nicks38Rising notes?
49Fight39Dieter’s goal
50Rejoice41Gangsters’ wear, in old movies
52Formal term for the gap suggested by 17/18-, 35/37- and 54/57-Across43Place for a shepherd
54With 57-Across, overextended44Centaur who was killed by Hercules
57See 54-Across45Black belt, e.g.
58Tiny treasures from the sea46“You betcha!”
60Dots in la mer48Quintet instrument
62Language of the Lahore Post51Weak punch?
63Way up53Dickens’s Fagin, e.g.
64In addition55Paris’s Pont ___ Arts
66Come ___ surprise59Above capacity, for short

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