N.Y. Times Crossword – Friday, September 15, 2017

By: Damon Gulczynski
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  4
Time: 28:15

1Rock and Roll Hall of Fame designer1“It’s on me”
6“Philomena” co-star, 20132The world’s tallest mountain, base to peak
11Sound from a silencer3Who said “Without promotion, something terrible happens … nothing!”
14Beat, in a way4Dragon roll ingredient
15First name in aviation5Latin word in a footnote
16What’s big in Texas?6Look-alike
17Canadian crooner Michael7It may be spoiled
18Foe8Bygone Chevy model
20“Por ___ Cabeza” (tango song)9Pitch setter
21Atmosphere around a celebrity trial, say10Dirty cop?
23Prison area11Paragraph analogue
25Royal son of the comics12Saul Bellow novel
26Tributary of the Mississippi13“Psst!”
27“Seriously!”19Retail giant since 1886
31Alfredo sauce brand22Making
32Computer science pioneer John von ___24Brother’s title
33Cries of enlightenment28Basic beverage, in baby talk
35School of whales29Nutso
36Snap, with “out”30Posh hotel, familiarly
37Tolstoy’s first name, in Russia34Bygone Chevy model
38See 60-Down38Precedent setter
41Go down39Underwater
42Reggie, to Archie, in Archie Comics40One way of seeing
44Greeting in Victoria41Peter Fonda’s role in “Easy Rider”
47“Well, I declare!”43Some college Greeks
49Bridesmaid dress shade44Expressionless
51Richard Gere title role45Widen
52Leave in46Never-before-seen
531979 film whose name comes from a “Chicago” song48Beseech
58University of California campus site54Org. fighting anti-Muslim discrimination
59Put to shame55Tube alternative
61Business card abbr.56Video game sounds
62Widen, as jeans legs60With 38-Across, pasta shape
63Parker ___, so-called “Queen of the Indies”
64Fine-grained wood
65Was really angry
66Celsius, for one

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