N.Y. Times Crossword – Sunday, September 3, 2017

By: Andrew Zhou
Theme: Animals
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 50:20

1Mayhem1Start to call
9Bowfishing need2U.N. workers’ grp.
1Happy event after a split?3Handle in the entertainment industry
19Really happening4Solar system model
21“Don Juan” girl5Home testing kit target
22Prince of ___6Early seventh-century year
23*Law enforcer with the Coast Guard7Very long spans
25“___ we lucky?”8In a mischievous manner
26Nat ___ Wild (cable channel)9Actress Woodard
27More decisive10Big seller of outdoor gear
28Place for stars11Ocasek of the Cars
30Buffet heater12Call with a charge?
33*It passes on some bits of information13Geniality
37What the last letter of 107-Down stands for14Crystal jewelry company with a swan in its logo
38Very puzzled15Some patterned floors
40Record collection?16Fox Islands dweller
41Constellation next to Corona Australis17___ Elise Goldsberry, 37-Across winner for “Hamilton”
42___ Jahan, leader who commissioned the Taj Mahal18Poly- follower
43___ Jorge (part of the Azores)20TV producer Michaels
44Little sucker?24Cheese often served with olives
48*Philosopher who wrote “Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made”29Hebrew name meaning 62-Down
53“Works for me”30Unadventurous
54Company known for combining expertise?31Crooner with the autobiography “It Wasn’t All Velvet”
55Presidents Taft, Ford, Clinton and both Bushes32U.S.S. Missouri’s resting site
59Remain34Person who’s dreaded?
60What the Tower of London was for over 850 years35Publisher of the magazine America’s 1st Freedom, for short
63Adhere (to)36Prefix with system
64Utter, as a sound39___ Bo (workout system)
65One put in bed?42Golf’s Slammin’ Sammy
66*Celebrities working for the U.N., perhaps45It helps keep things straight
71Disposition46First sign of spring
72International fusion restaurant chain47Wacky tobacky, in part
73Hall-of-Fame Bruin49Lingo
74Tater50One-third of a B-52 cocktail
75Common Korean surname51“___ iacta est” (“The die is cast”)
76Low-quality bank offerings whose acronym suggests stealthiness52First phase
79A little teary53Draft status?
83Peevish56Mastered, British-style
85*Certain photo poster57Conversation fillers
88Island nation that was once part of the Spanish East Indies58“___ me?”
89TV’s NBA on ___61Take responsibility for something
91Tribe that gave its name to a state62Safari sighting
92Grp. of people puttering around?65Site of biblical destruction
93Tow truck66Davis of “Thelma & Louise”
96You might pass one in a race67Heat center of old?
98Onetime Yankee nickname68War on Poverty prez
99*Business bigwigs69Things displayed by mannequins
10Seep through70“The Lady of the Camellias” author, 1848
10Like a bogey71Dot on a screen
106Tie up quickly?76One suffering from numbness, maybe
108Cleveland athlete, familiarly77Unit of petrol
109Educator Montessori78Browning vessels
110Sex appeal … or a hint to the answers to the six starred clues80Do make-up work?
117Main force81Plants with bell-shaped blooms
118Bring to a full amount82Pokémon card transaction
119Bratty84Penn State symbol
120Big instrument in electronic music, informally86Old Pontiac
121Pillow covers87Western city bisected by I-80
122Washington newsmaker of 198089B’way buy
90Eleanor Roosevelt ___ Roosevelt
94Soviet ___
95Diamond figures
96Ten or twenty
97Little bits
98Big bang creator
99Rooster displays
100Gynecologist’s concern
101Many a late-night cable show
104Word with crime or bar
107Acronym for an acting/singing awards sweep
111Plays performed in shozoku robes
112Hoppy quaff, briefly
115One in 100: Abbr.
116O.R. figures

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