N.Y. Times Crossword – Saturday, September 2, 2017

By: Erik Agard
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 27:26

1Movie lot?1Fair play
5Dungeons & Dragons or Final Fantasy, for short2They might be used in making hops
8It has tiny tines3Volkswagen coupe
13Relative of sake4Big name in talks
15Actress London of TV’s “The Game”5Convened anew
16Sparkle6Eat with no enthusiasm
17Wired7They leave carbon footprints
18Focal point: Abbr.8Home to shooting Stars
19Stomach9P.R. piece?
20Room with a Vue, perhaps10Decree
21Enemy of CONTROL on “Get Smart”11Wailers’ sound
23Barely relevant12Prepares to weed, perhaps
25Person who came out of the blue?14Word after safe or side
27Band that really rocks, appropriately?15Superior stadium spot
28Onomatopoeic mint name22President’s annual delivery to Cong.
30Option for a roll24Fix, in a way
31Neighbor of an Ethiopian26Female singer with the second video ever shown on MTV
36Their heads and feet are usually the same distance from the ground2932 men are found in it
37Comic’s concern32Calif. school near the Mexican border
39Points of contact?33Targets of a 1932 “war” in Australia
44Closing bit of music34Jedi knight’s rival
45Oprah Winfrey Network show about a family farm35Course participant
47Like derby entrants38See 46-Down
48Winning QB in the first N.F.L. playoff game to go into sudden-death overtime39Eagle constellation
49Profess40Bugged for money
51Deg. for a jurist41Cleared for landing?
52Spark42Quit using
53Creek language43Put a backup copy on
55Check out rudely46With 38-Down, Diana, e.g.
56Pieces of furniture with many shelves50Removable locks
57Viperidae family member54Lead-in to folk or soul
58This is an issue
59Uplifting literature

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