N.Y. Times Crossword – Sunday, September 17, 2017

By: Mark Maclachlan
Theme: Looping Answers
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 55:37

1Naval engagements1Grain containers
8Setting a world record, e.g.2Theatricalize
1“The Hallucinogenic Toreador” artist3National ___ Day (last Friday in April)
16Evidence in an arson investigation4Football formation
19“No point arguing with me!”5007, for one: Abbr.
20Some rounds6___ monkey
21“The only beauty that never fades,” per Audrey Hepburn7Cocky walk
23Fancy French shellfish dish8Copyright concern
25Beer parlor9Symbol for a break
26“Then again …,” in a tweet10___, amas, amat
27Collection of Hindu aphorisms11Taquito wrap
28Palindromic bird12What may grow with interest
30It’s got you covered13Barley wine, e.g.
31Tennis’s Novak Djokovic, by birth14Burton of “Reading Rainbow”
32Rex Tillerson’s alma mater, for short15“Totally understood”
34Proteins responsible for mad cow disease16Blessed
35Special ___17Frequent director of De Niro
37It’s got you covered18Pigment in red blood cells
39Carved emblem22“Star Wars” droid
41Keys for Keys?24Letters on N.Y.C. trains
44German pronoun29Together
46South American plains33Swiss folk hero with a crossbow
48Tikkanen who won five Stanley Cups34Dig for answers
49All together, as a family36After-dinner drink
51Classroom item38Speed skater Karin who won eight Olympic medals
55More chichi41Celestial object that emits radio waves
57Get a bite?42Drawn
58Team finale?43Poisonous snakes
60Hot spot, both literally and figuratively44Anthropomorphic hedgehog of gamedom
63Roman philosopher who wrote “All cruelty springs from weakness”45“Don’t mind ___!”
67Buenos ___47Elbow-benders
69Central Park’s SummerStage, e.g.50___-pah-pah
73At the limit, with “out”51Pair
74Save from disaster52“Excuse me”
76The same as53Kidney-related
78“Homer and ___ Exchange Cross Words” (2008 episode of “The Simpsons”)56Dark time, in poesy
79Music genre for Weezer or the Shins59Wrap-up
83Catch like Spider-Man611, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 …, e.g.: Abbr.
85Child’s seat, maybe62Less mendacious
86Tech overseer64Like the Dalai Lama
91Reason to stop reading65One of the Borgias
93Stranded cellular stuff66Evolves
94___ plane68The Philippines’ ___ Sea
95Addis Ababa’s country: Abbr.70Author Rankin
96Claim deposits711428 ___ (horror film address): Abbr.
97“I rock!”72The N.B.A.’s Curry, informally
100Backup group for Gladys Knight75Singer James
102Mahmoud Abbas’s grp.77Baja bear
103Quarter deck?80Vermin
105Tiny conductor of heat or electricity81Straight: Prefix
108Email best not replied to82Signer of many a permission form
112Mulled wine ingredient84Congress, with “the”
113Extra periods at TD Garden86___ wolf
114Mythical beast with goatlike features87Not level
115Jazzy Fitzgerald88Old outdoor dance sights
116Premise of the film “Freaky Friday”89Place to try patatas bravas
118Some positives and negatives90Actress Lena
121Welcoming diners at midnight, say92“Relax!”
122Singer India.___95Trusts and ___ (law school class)
123Adds water to98Authority
124Director Anderson99Gertrude who swam the English Channel in 1926
125Surveys101Brand of note?
126“Darn it!”102Teen driver’s acquisition
127A good place to start104The New Yorker piece
106Western tribe
107“Turn! Turn! Turn!” band, with “the”
109One-named philosopher
110Paul ___, Microsoft co-founder
111En ___ (as a group)
113Bullfight chorus
117Homophone for the atomic number of oxygen
119Altar constellation
120St. Pierre, par exemple

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