N.Y. Times Crossword – Monday, September 18, 2017

By: Tom McCoy
Theme: Colors
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 5:54

1The Times or the Daily News, e.g.1Snow clearers
6Gorillas2Start or end of the Greek spelling of “Athena”
10Mark permanently3Place between a house and a backyard
14Ogden Nash’s “two-l” beast4Give off, as rays
15Seized car, for short5Entered quickly
16You, in the Bible6Place of gladiatorial battle
17___ nerve (retina attachment)7Lima’s land
18Guitarist Clapton8Three-hour-plus movie, maybe
19Chopped9Holder of an eye or a light bulb
20Visibly tense10Heavens, poetically
23___ Paulo, Brazil11Ex of Marla and Ivana, informally
24Crucial biological molecule12Dairy animal
25Figure in Greek myth after whom a continent is named13Attila, for one
28Compete (for)21Prepare to be knighted
29___ and starts22One of the seven deadly sins
31Opposite of oui26Graceful bearing
32Extremely jealous27Threw some chips in the pot
36Characteristic28Item under a suit jacket
38Convent residents29Company that bought Kinko’s
39Rich ore sources30Picked out of a lineup, informally
41Counterpart to “if,” in computer science32Grind, as the teeth
42Aids in crime33Florida senator Marco
44In the very act34Snack for an athlete
46Lancelot’s title35Times long, long ago
47Highest point37$250, for Mediterranean Avenue, even with a hotel on it
49Qty.40Ice cream drink
50Truss up43Go yachting
52Letters before a pseudonym45Blend
53Golf teacher48Bombarded, as with snowballs
56Deplorably cowardly51Irritable
60Spheres52Bottomless pit
62Holder of a cafeteria meal53Breads served with hummus
63Like some wealthy neighborhoods54Staggers
64In apple-pie order55“Strangely enough …”
65Things in an Easter basket57Unrestrained revelry
66In the slightest58Salary
67Agile for one’s age59Running behind schedule
68Supplies for Easter 65-Across60Walk-___ (unrecruited athletes)
69Antonym of 64-Across61Member of Cong.

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