N.Y. Times Crossword – Saturday, September 9, 2017

By: John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 26:48

1Like night and day1Drag accessory
1Take another direction2“Well, I’ll be!”
15Alternative to Pandora or Spotify3Like hall-of-fame inductees, typically
16Words of praise4Time for many TV talk shows, informally
17Became excited5Refinery container
18Business concern6Fire on from above
192016 campaign topic7“The Governator”
20Difficulty picking up subtleties8Valencian dishes
22Comparative indicator9Also say
25Pool cover10See 57-Across
27Dormant11Collette of “United States of Tara”
28“Ain’t gonna happen!”122-3 or 1-2-2, in basketball
30Pretension13“We agreed to it, so you’d better deliver”
33Loyalty, old-style14Recharge, so to speak
34Timorese, e.g.21“Little Birds” author
35Richest part22P.G.A. Championship airer
36Is dormant23Goof off
38Faced with courage24Minority group
40Oxford designation26Crow, for one
41Son-in-law of Chief Powhatan29Start of a billet-doux
43Ebbs31Roadway finisher
45One getting depressed on the road32Knocked out
47Person with a mental bloc?34C. S. Lewis’s symbol of Jesus
48It may prey on a ray37Edible part of a mesquite tree
49Team in Houston39“Sudden Death” star, 1995
51Inspiron maker40A star might go on one
52Means of keeping musical time42Like a wet noodle
55Date preceder44Its artists do many sketches, for short
57With 10-Down, go wild46Too slick
58President Clinton hosted one in 200047Boggy
63Football stat: Abbr.50Counterpart of a blitz
64Big headache for a company rep53Pandora and Spotify
65They have sgts.54Kind of walk
66Intuition about something soon to happen56Deli case display
59“___ ohev otach” (Hebrew for “I love you”)
61Government org. impersonated in many phishing scams
62Starting point for a hole

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