N.Y. Times Crossword – Friday, September 8, 2017

By: Sam Trabucco
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 21:51

1Place to order sardinas and sangria1Chief justice appointed by Harding
9Poison ___2Inter ___
14Plenty of work ahead3Trading hub
15Wordsmith William4Lolling
16Tools for escaping the heat?5Hit sci-fi video game set around the 26th century
17Like apples and Afros6Crossword unit
18Many a Volga native7Summertime cooler
19Abbr. in many an area measure8Who set the standard for the United States?
21Rams fan?9Valentine, e.g.
22Bare place on the side of a mountain10Certain pay-per-view event organizer, for short
25Live, in a way11Catcher who won a record 10 consecutive Silver Slugger Awards
27Places to get wired, in two senses of the word12“Capisce?”
31Actor Cage, informally13Gave up
32“___ thousand times …”15Does some postdebate political commentary
33Wheelchair-bound “Glee” character20First principal character encountered by Ishmael in “Moby-Dick”
34Tired23Israeli city that shares its name with a unit of measure
36Things like “Which Disney Princess Are You?”24Some loan specifications
39Neighbor of a Bosnian26Hit 1998 animated film
40Group around a king27“Closing Bell” channel
41Be a buzzkill?28Intemperate put-down
42Length of a long wait, in hyperbole29Comics character seen on gum wrappers
43Amount before bonuses30Cousins of Spots
45Dessert on a stick34Not go out
48Double-platinum Steely Dan album37Billy of “Titanic”
49“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” detective Diaz38___ Major
51Padlock holders43Unexpected benefits
55Meet up with again44Pressure
57“Adios!”45What whole-grain foods and sugary drinks have lots of
60A.F.C. North team46Counterpart to digital
61“D’oh!”50Expression of doubt
62Shooting game52___ Lee
63Something that’s assumed53Last dance?
54Not a candidate for the invoking of the 25th Amendment, say
56“How much do I ___?”
58Supporter of the A.C.A.
59Go on and on



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