N.Y. Times Crossword – Monday, August 21, 2017

By: Tom McCoy
Theme: Three words made of two words
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 7:45

1Won every game1Done the backstroke, e.g.
6Fast-food chain with a red-haired girl in its logo2Ending with silver or soft
12Unhappy3“Able was I ere I saw ___”
152008 Pixar film about a robot4Food for whales
16Dolts5Hamilton’s bill
17Comedian Philips6Brandish, as a weapon
18Feet in the city? (3 wds.)7Lawn tool
20PC part, for short8Sister’s daughter
21Signify9___ Juan (lover)
22Baldwin famous for his Donald Trump impersonation10Financial spreadsheet column: Abbr.
23Something screwed into a lamp11Air-escaping-from-a-tire sound
24Friendly Communist ghost? (3 wds.)12It’s safe to click on a computer
29Singer Midler13Wave measurements
31“Sure thing!”14“But what if I’m wrong?” feeling
32Angels’ headwear19Narrow street
33Close tightly23It guards a dribbler
36Adore, cutesily25“___ a long story”
38“Can you give an example …?”262016 Nobel laureate Bob
39Something to mind … in 18-, 24-, 47- and 58-Across27Vichyssoise or borscht
40___ one’s time28Young pooch
41Tree whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabet29Player on first, second or third
42City in southern France30Inventor of the cotton gin
43Principal principle32Bales in a loft
44___ monkey33“Oh, be quiet!”
46Mopes34Fish that’s 62-Across spelled backward
47Slim monarch who gets around fast? (3 wds.)35“A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away …”
51“Do ___ others …”37Dog doc
52Containers for cookies or sewing supplies39Praise highly
53Equipment for a motorcycle jump40Serbia’s capital
57Word after Holiday or Comfort42Disapproving syllable
58Head off to stare at some pictures? (3 wds.)43Wine cask
62General who’s 34-Down spelled backward45___-friendly
63With nothing omitted46Mexican’s emphatic assent
64Scents47Bedcover made of patches
65Sample48Computer-savvy office fellow
66Patronize, as a hotel49Wafer brand
67Engender50Prepared to pop the question, perhaps
55___ mortal
56“Hey you!”
58Audience members for a U.S.O. show
59Toronto’s province: Abbr.
60“Son ___ gun!”
61Group carrying torches and pitchforks

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