N.Y. Times Crossword – Wednesday, October 11, 2017

By: David J. Kahn
Theme: OK Corral
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 17:18

1East Asia gambling locale1Prefix with summer
6Loses strength2Gazillions
11Grocery chain inits.3Designer Chanel
14Start of a dieter’s brag4Queens’s ___ Stadium
15Like krypton5However, in a tweet
16Down for the count, for short6Tall and supple
17Deputy marshal at 62-Across7Out of gear
19Close down8Commanded
20Initial progress9Disneyland transport
21Peyote10Ocular woes
23Track star with an apt name11Outlaw at 62-Across
25Healing lotion12Cheer before “Beat Army!”
26Uneasy sensation13Confuses
31Wishful place?18Court setup?
33Potato chip brand22Private, often
34Bring together again24“Everyone needs a little ___” (cable channel slogan)
36Cuisine heavy in rice and spices26Wall St. trader
38Kind of republic27Grant-making grp.
39Toy in a crib28With 62-Across, renowned 1881 event that lasted about 30 seconds
42See 60-Down29Angry boxer, e.g.
44Detect30Baseball’s Martinez
45Be hot under the collar32Logan of “60 Minutes”
47San ___, Italy35Expo
49Banks of Chicago37Actor Gyllenhaal
50Broadway backer40Him, to Henri
52Punishment that might follow a summons41Saison sur la Seine
54Earthy colors43Cool, in dated slang
56Some fish bait44Handle
61Club for swingers45Thick-trunked tree
62See 28-Down … or a punny description of this puzzle’s circled answers?46Ready at any time
65In the mode of48Cocktail at brunch
66Silly sorts51Set loose
67It may be stolen on a movie set53Bottom-of-letter abbr.
68Crunchy lunch order55“___ Funny That Way” (classic song)
69Schindler of “Schindler’s List”57Nibble (on)
70Pends58Sea predator
59State bird of Arizona or South Carolina
60With 42-Across, coolness of mind
63Cartoon cry
64Guitarist Paul

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