N.Y. Times Crossword – Thursday, October 5, 2017

By: Alan Arbesfeld
Theme: Uplifting Movies
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 13:59

1Blender button1Mental acuity
5“Madly for ___” (1952 campaign slogan)2Free throw target
10Think piece?3About
14The Gaels of the N.C.A.A.4Flatten
16Emmy winner Gunn of “Breaking Bad”6“You’re on!”
17Having trouble deciding7Like thoroughly cooked pasta
18Noodle dish8Jon who wrote and illustrated “Palindromania!”
19Bygone Fords9Naïf
20Uplifting remake of a 1980 Donald Sutherland/Mary Tyler Moore film?10Cat played by Jane Fonda
23Foreman foe11Fictional ship on a five-year mission
24Bud rival12“What happened next?”
26Uplifting remake of a 2010 Annette Bening/Julianne Moore film?13“Hip Hop Is Dead” rapper
33“Walk Away ___” (1966 top 10 hit)21Lead-in to “So sue me”
34Prohibition enforcer, informally22> 0: Abbr.
35Have second thoughts about25Artist who went dotty?
36Birthplace of the tango: Abbr.26Carefree syllables
37Big name in dishes27Inquisition infraction
41Bucolic setting29Move like Jagger
42Mecca’s holy Kaaba, e.g.30Slide presentation?
43🙁31Beats quickly, in a way
45Uplifting remake of a 1997 Jack Nicholson/Helen Hunt film?32Oboes and such
49Long38“No rush”
50Subject of a 10-part 2017 Ken Burns documentary on PBS, for short39Curriculum ___
51Uplifting remake of a 1964 Audrey Hepburn/Rex Harrison film?44Iconic movie studio symbol
58Wooley with the 1958 #1 hit “The Purple People Eater”46Popular shades brand
60Bakery draw47A good one is under 3.00, for short
61Nastase of tennis fame48Con
62Big Island coffee52Puzzlemaker Rubik
63Indigenous Canadian53Whiskey drink
64Store sign54Drop
65Envelope abbr.55Purina One alternative
66Rich dessert56Stopped working
67“Even Homer ___” (old saying)57Longings
58Reggae forerunner
59Flying off the shelves

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