N.Y. Times Crossword – Monday, October 9, 2017

By: Joe Deeney
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 9:57

1Civil rights pioneer Du Bois1Electronic money transfer
4Shade of blue2“The Time Machine” people
8Rant3Edifice: Abbr.
14Chicago’s home: Abbr.4Informal talks
15Racer with the tortoise5Gridiron gains
16Like a show with a single performer6Bay ___ (San Francisco, Oakland, etc.)
17Only major-league player to enter the 3,000-hit club in the 1980s7When repeated, Frank Sinatra title city
19Ranting8Holy Jewish scroll
201965 Beatles hit that starts “Ooh, I need your love, babe”9Wowed
22Donkey10Classic game with black-and-white discs
23Final bubble on a questionnaire, maybe11Female friend for François
24Something a barber has to work around12Cold and damp, as a dungeon
26Maidenform product13Main lang. of the Commonwealth countries
27Catch, as on a thorn18Nautical map
31HBO show hosted by John Oliver21Believer in a strong federal government
36And so on: Abbr.24Message on a cake in “Alice in Wonderland”
37Home for the Hawks and Braves: Abbr.25Fancy tie
38Equal: Prefix26Pulitzer-winning Toni Morrison novel
39Pal of Pooh28Google ___ Viewer (tool for charting word frequency over time)
401974 John Updike novel29Ship-to-ship communications?
44Greek cheese30Classic Pontiacs
45Winery container31Flip (through)
46Verbal stumbles32Angkor ___ (Cambodian site)
47Tattoo artist33Biblical verb suffix
50Bug spray brand34The Beavers of the Pac-12, for short
52The change from Julian to Gregorian … or what would be needed to make 20-, 31- and 40-Across possible?35The “N” of NCO
58A snake has a forked one41Carpenter’s tool that’s faster than a hammer
59Engages in military conflict42Very distant
60Acting grown-up43Homer Simpson’s favorite beers
61Barely48Prefix with science
62Three on a grandfather clock49Crawling on hands and ___
63Dictation experts50Church instrument
64Hankerings51Supplies with meals
65Newspaper staffers, for short52Jacket
53Upfront bet
54Give stars to
55Little injury, in baby talk
56Antipest spray
57Some hospital pics
58Things with ® symbols: Abbr.

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