N.Y. Times Crossword – Tuesday, September 5, 2017

By: Michelle Kenney and Jeff Chen
Theme: Intermission
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 12:34

1What some castles are made of1Serious rift
5Goaded (on)2Supportive of cultivation
10Clock setting for an alarm3One may attend a class on parenting
142015 “Rocky” sequel4Antismuggling org.
16String quartet member5Actress ___ Rachel Wood
17Unadorned6Tree whose leaves appear in many Chinese fossils
18Honolulu-based carrier, informally7___ long way
20Corp. money managers8Certain Ivy Leaguer
21“Big Blue”9Utmost, informally
22Like caves with streams running through them10“Fresh Off the Boat” network
23Early Uber policy unpopular with drivers11Certain crime boss
25“Coke is it!” or “Say ‘Pepsi, please’”12Stops from slipping
27Piece of pottery featuring Achilles, say13Fooled (around)
30Interoffice notes15Played some tunes, say
31They’re heard but not seen19McKellen of “The Hobbit”
32Firecracker that goes pfft24Gives the nod
33Money owed26Emphatic rejection
35Ike’s monogram28Fashion designer Gernreich
36Cut (off)29Says “You and I are done,” e.g.
37Break … such as at the middle of 18-, 27-, 50- or 58-Across?31Scattered
40___ Paulo, Brazil34“Fine then!”
41Perch for a ball36Unwavering, as a friend
42Humble response to a compliment37“O.K., you got me”
43“___ be my pleasure”38Paleo diet staple
44“There’s something else you should know …”39Tony Stark’s alter ego in comics and movies
46Desert refuge40Staying power
50Military bottoms, informally43Mythical figure who flew too close to the sun
52How you can shop without leaving home44Special ___ (unconventional missions)
53In the thick of45“Cross my heart and hope to die!”
54Getting close, in a guessing game47Baseball pitch that suddenly drops
56Trail Blazers’ org.48Not quite ready for full release
57Bar mitzvah, e.g.49Old salt
58Made snappy comments51Clifford who wrote “Golden Boy”
62Meter or liter52Bruin hockey legend
63Rose petal oil55Something to build on
64Enrique Peña ___, Mexican president beginning in 201259Japanese figure skater Midori
65Their maximum scores are 160060Nickname formed by three consecutive letters of the alphabet
66Word before “wrong” or “welcome”61El ___ (Spanish hero)

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