N.Y. Times Crossword – Monday, September 25, 2017

By: Bruce Haight
Theme: Rhyming Phrases
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 6:51

1Puff ___ (snake)1___ committee
6Bit of Brylcreem, say2Book that might require a key to open
9Following3See 17-Across
14Prince Harry’s mum4Finish
15It hatches from a big egg5Sci-fi weapons
16Unmanned aircraft6Fix, as software
17With 3-Down, useful7French female friend
18___ Keane, “The Family Circus” cartoonist8Symbol of Teddy Roosevelt’s political party
19With 11-Down, snobbish9Sticks (to)
20California’s old Fort ___10Ice, as a cake
21Soupy “Oliver Twist” fare11See 19-Across
23Cosmetician Lauder12Go inside
24Award named for the winningest pitcher of all time13Spanish kings
26Ones sacrificing for a cause22Genetic initials
28Santa ___ winds25Like some wooden buckets
29Firm (up), as muscles27Roddick or Rooney
30Long, hard journeys29See 39-Across
33Old coupon for the needy30What it takes to tango
38Greeting from a parade float31Genre for Big Sean or Biggie Smalls
39With 29-Down, sophisticated32She raised Cain
40Listening device on a narc33Like most manual transmissions in the 1970s and ’80s
41Realtor’s showing34Spin, as a baton
43Murdered35First-___ kit
44Grand Ole ___36CT scan alternative
45Put on, as a TV show37It’s “mightier than the sword”
46Patron of France39Arizona tribe
50Produces a large body of work?42___ list (tasks for one’s spouse)
54“It is my desire …”43Active during the daytime
55Word that can follow sea, solar or staying45Card that beats a king
57“How relaxing!”46River deposits
58With 48-Down, affectionate47___ Birch, “American Beauty” actress
59Part of the Freudian psyche48See 58-Across
60With 51-Down, weak and indecisive49Fencing blades
62Trapped on a branch50Bound by an oath
63Screw things up51See 60-Across
64Walk leisurely52Ping-Pong surface
65Authority53More timid
66Man cave, maybe56Grotesque folklore figure
67Crust, mantle or core, for the earth61Org. for docs

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