N.Y. Times Crossword – Monday, September 11, 2017

By: Erik Agard and Paolo Pasco
Theme: Lala Land
Difficulty (0-10):  1
Time: 8:10

1Pitchfork-shaped letter1“___ and Circumstance”
4Brillo alternative2Intelligent
10The drug acid, by another name3Ice pad?
13“!!!!,” in a text4Person wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, stereotypically
14Hairstyling substance5Mistake, cutely
15Animal whose name is a synonym of “parrot”6Odor
16Kuala Lumpur’s locale7Group of experts
19College teacher, informally8Nike rival
20“Calvin and Hobbes” conveyance9Hideout
21Getting little rainfall10Mrs. George W. Bush
22Titular California district in a Steinbeck novel11Divorced
25Have debts12At 0% battery
26Setting for much of “Moana”17Sporting a natural
27Kind of diet regimen based on nonmodern eating habits18Deep bow
30Dominique ___, 1996 Olympic gymnastics gold medalist23A pair
34“Holy cow!”24Served dinner
35Hayseed27Fruit in a fruit basket
39T. J. ___ (department store chain)28Contents of el océano
40Arctic bird291980 Winter Olympics host
41Counterparts of dots, in Morse code31Washington city with a repetitive name
43Vinyl albums, for short32Business fair
44Issa who stars on HBO’s “Insecure”33Annual Austin festival, for short
45“Fighting” N.C.A.A. team35At 50%, to a pessimist
46“When they go ___, we go high”36___ of Wight
474.0, in school37Fashionable
50Happy accident38University in northeast Ohio
51Shoulder garment41N.B.A. star Nowitzki
53Pb, to chemists42[Alas]
54Not worth discussing48Writer Welty
57Postal delivery49Treat really nicely
59California-based gas company50Wild
60Dad52Rest atop
61“Not guilty,” e.g.53With 58-Down, head-in-the-clouds place … or a hint to each answer that has four circles
62Hideout55Hawaiian island
63“I don’t wanna be ___ guy, but …”56October birthstone
64Musk of Tesla58See 53-Down
65Actor Alan
66Christmas season
67___ McNally (mapmaker)

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