N.Y. Times Crossword – Thursday, August 17, 2017

By: Peter A. Collins
Theme: Spin
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 24:00

5Scottish delicacy2Russian wolfhound
11Arabian stimulant3“The Complete ___ Guide to …” (popular book series)
14___ list4Shipping unit
15Still5Golfer Walter with 11 major championships
16Colorful card game6Smithereens
17One side of St. George’s Channel7Searching blindly
18First set of circled letters8Subj. of a Kaplan prep course
20Like some synthetic colorants9astern Med. land
21Stand-in, maybe10Commercial interest
22Instrument anyone can play11Quest for knowledge?
23Second set of circled letters12A.D. part
27Game often played on car rides13Like some orders
28Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”19Tibia connectors
29Like a racehorse21Tharp of dance
32Bonds, e.g.24Black ___
35Its motto is “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”25Nobelist Bohr
36Like Tylenol PM, for short26“Grand Hotel” actress
39“___ you not entertained?”30Be in the red
40About 1,400 of them is the record for a human: Abbr.31Dollop
42Attic construction33Range located along the 60th meridian
43Barrymore and Liu’s “Charlie’s Angels” co-star34Things in pools
45Yadda yadda yadda36Like the number of games in a “best of” series
48Impetus for a bungee jump, maybe37One in la familia
49ESPN broadcaster Bob38Mesh for securing items in a truck bed
50Parlays41Lacking sauce?
53Third set of circled letters441983 Woody Allen film
58Verb for a dieter46What knitters need to match, often
60Home in the woods47Govt. org. whose funding is perennially debated
61Crack51Commit a court violation
62Faction in China’s Cultural Revolution … or a hint to each set of circled letters52Baseball position, informally
65River through Bath, England54Take in
66“Rogue ___”55Pan-fry
67River paralleled by I-80 through a long stretch of the Plains56Hyper
68Mannerly man57Lets
69Pick up58All atwitter
70In the trash59Pointer for a meteorologist?
71Delta 88, e.g., informally63Rapper ___ Rida
64Scale notes

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