N.Y. Times Crossword – Sunday, August 20, 2017

By: Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
Theme: Found in Your Inbox (Add “RE” to the front of each theme answer)
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 52:43

1Matisse, e.g., stylistically1Online help
6H. H. Munro pseudonym2“Are you some kind of ___?”
10XXX3Lone Star State sch.
14Back up on disk4Guest
18Cons5Perfume compound
19Juicy6Inspector Clouseau’s employer
20Seats by the orchestra pit, perhaps7“A Navel” artist, 1923
21Film excerpt8Wine-and-cassis drink
22Re: ___ (suitor’s subject line)9See 53-Across
2525, 27, 29, etc.10Dalmatian, e.g.
26The first pope, to French speakers11Lilylike plant
27Words before fat and lean, in a nursery rhyme12Tot’s “Lemme up on your shoulders!”
28The Gabor sisters, e.g.13Old-fashioned gunfight locales
29Re: ___ (stingy date’s subject line)14Like the people who invented golf
34Hairstyle rarely seen in the military15Astronaut after whom Buzz Lightyear was named
37Apply to16Couch potato
38Formally chooses17Some home printers
39The crystal in some crystal balls19Title Seuss creature
41Carrier to Seoul, for short23“Stop!,” to a cop
42The lowest of the low24Lowly worker
44Catering staple30Bugged
45Re: ___ (song lyricist’s subject line)31Short and detached, in music: Abbr.
49Part of a locust tree32Surefire
53Place to say 9-Down33Expert on meters and feet
55Help34An official color of the Miami Dolphins
56Quenched35Roll up
58World leader who proclaimed “Women hold up half the sky”36Tirade
59Bathday cakes?40Den, often
61Kind of diagram42Gucci or Givenchy, e.g.
62Dwellers on the Arabian Peninsula43The first “A” in Reddit’s A.M.A.
65Re: ___ (film director’s subject line)46Mesmerized
69Re: ___ (sales agent’s subject line … with an attachment)47“You bet!,” in Yucatán
72Peanut butter choice48Radiuses’ neighbors
73Municipal regs.50Marriott competitor
75Prefix with liberal or conservative, but not moderate51Third one’s a harm?
76Slippery sort52Wine’s aroma
77One is usually set by a chair54China setting
81Talk smack about60Novelist Seton
85Baseball exec Bud61Mesa ___ National Park
88Re: ___ (duster’s subject line)63Moaning Hogwarts ghost
91Tony winner Hagen64Not even close
92$$$$, on Yelp65The Red Baron and others
94“Selma” director DuVernay66Northern Montana tribe
95Greek gods’ drink67Poker player’s tic, perhaps
97“Down,” at a diner68___ Python
100Pithy observations70Depose
103Best-of-the-best71Cubbie or Card
104Re: ___ (prison librarian’s subject line)74From the top, to a musician
108Hansen of a 2016 Broadway hit78Sierras, e.g.
109Sidney who directed “12 Angry Men”79Want ad letters
110Actress Arquette80Take the heat from?
114The Destroyer, in Hinduism82Motorcade unit
115Re: ___ (celebrity physician’s subject line)83Lee of Marvel Comics
119Mark Zuckerberg when founding Facebook, e.g.84Storied also-ran
120Eliminated by a ref’s decision86Apple product discontinued in 2017
121Heavenly hunter87Tennis’s Steffi
122Monastery figure89Through with
123European capital90Like some training
124Repair shop figs.93Quarantine
125Stuff96“Is that even possible?”
126Simple, as a question97Must pay
98Main forces?
99See the world
100Tea times: Abbr.
101Ransom note writer
102Deseret News reader, e.g.
105“Turn up the A/C!”
106Must have
107Paris’s Musée d’___
111Fleet on Fleet Street
112With 117-Down, Mesabi Range output
116Thick coat on a cold day?
117See 112-Down
118Small inlet

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