N.Y. Times Crossword – Saturday, August 19, 2017

By: Mark Diehl
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  5
Time: 28:12

1Like a hermit1Should there be any question …”
9Response to a sophomoric comment2Corn on the cob, e.g.
15Score after opening with an ace, informally3Replaced, as on a computer
16Secret ___4Shows the way
17Catch of all catches, of a sort5Force in the Battle of Dunkirk
18Singer of the Wagner aria “Liebestod”6Shakespeare’s First and Second Folios, e.g.
19Least cool7Spacewalks, in NASA lingo
20Make a feast of8It covers bridges, typically
21Looks forward to the next spring?9Primitive cooking equipment
22Feature of Namibia and Libya10Situated (in)
24Root used in perfumery11Alito’s predecessor on the Supreme Court
25James ___, 1990-94 New Jersey governor12Toon who uses his middle initial
26Noodle soup noodle13High styles
27Joint flare-up?14Ones always banging their heads against things?
31Got some action23Female factory workers in W.W. II, informally
32Method of fishing25West Coast locale mentioned in “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”
33Station that people once looked up to27Some fruit pastries
34Goes over the line?28Like store brands vis-à-vis name brands, typically
36Company added to the Dow 30 in 201329Waterway that lent its name to two French departments
37Dr. Brody of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”30Students arriving late?
38Draw toward dark32Most airheaded
39Scenery chewer35Clam
42Grinders, of a sort36T.S.A. requirement
43Tree favored by giraffes38___ Ochoa, 2017 Golf Hall of Fame inductee
44Dubonnet or Campari39Papa Bear of the N.F.L.
46Box at the gym?40Kind of squash
47Bad news on the stock market41Photog’s lens
48Part of a record42Intervening, at law
49Lowdown sneak45“How ___ are they that have not patience!”: Iago
50Quick shots
51Many people take them to bed nowadays

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