N.Y. Times Crossword – Thursday, September 28, 2017

By: Joe Krozel
Theme: Pinata
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 15:05

1Fair1Defib user
10Hale ___, House majority leader of the 1970s2Where: Lat.
15Regal Entertainment Group facility3Widely played sport developed at Amherst College in the 1960s
16“Get ___, you two!”4Cross-country route, informally
17Hierarchical structure, metaphorically5Popular beige work boots, colloquially
18“Fighting man from head to toe”6Silicon Valley product
19Cave-___ (mining hazards)7Trashed
20What naphthalene is distilled from8University founder ___ Stanford
21Mild cheese9Wields
22Where some bills originate, for short10Supermarket assistant
24Letters on a cartoon stick11Brooks Robinson was one
25First name in “wabbit” hunting12“Take a hike!”
26Org. with millions of members HQ’d in Fairfax, Va.13“Johnny B. ___” (Chuck Berry hit)
27Consumes too much, informally14Lipstick problem
28Agent, for short22New Hampshire’s Saint ___ College
29Historical ___23Home version of “Jeopardy!” and others
31Stock opportunity, in brief30Agreement
34Well-planed32Law office worker
35Likely contents of a 44-Down33Actor Wilson
36Nibble (on)36“Move it!”
37Connector of English stories40Software vendor’s recommendation
38French 101 verb41In need of laundering
39No Triple Crown winner ever42Marx collaborator
40Exhaust43Israeli gun
45Comparison word44Party item depicted in the middle of this puzzle’s grid
46Enliven, with “up”49What dogs do in lieu of sweating
47Kind of scheme52Middlin’
48Shaver’s option54Old-time film studio
49Word repeated in “What’s ___ is ___”56Royal wish, once
50“Eat up!”
51Bullring shouts
53Light brown brew
55Hard, pungent cheese
57Melania Trump ___ Knauss
58“Hooked on Classics” label
59Some toy trucks
61Library references, briefly
62San ___, Tex.

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