N.Y. Times Crossword – Tuesday, August 15, 2017

By: Zhouqin Burnkiel
Theme: None
Difficulty (0-10):  2
Time: 14:53

1Line of clothing1Slanted in print: Abbr.
7Random guess2FiveThirtyEight creator Silver
11Deg. that requires a defense3Rousing audience response, informally
14Japanese floor mat4Something popped on a plane
15“Didn’t see ya there!”5Parisian pal
16Garden row maker6Pageant title since 1983
17Old video game consoles7Soaks (up)
18Stamp collector?8Cuisine with tom kha gai soup
20“Total Recall” director Wiseman9Sighed sounds
21Enthusiastic Spanish assent10Places serving salades et sandwiches
23Like sports crowds during a close game11Hypocrite, say
24Because of12Derby entrant
27“Hail Mary, full of grace …,” e.g.13Hold off
28Record collector?19Word after mountain or before season
32Significant22Platform for Siri
33Showy purple bloom25Some chain pizzerias
34Energy measurement, for short26Sinus doc
37Cranberry picking sites27Players bringing the ball up the court
38Who famously said “I’m not a crook”28Desert along the Silk Road
40Media slant29Subjects of some fuzzy photos, for short
41Prefix with -metric30Philly pro
42Calliope or Euterpe31___ hug
43Play a fife34Final and unhappy outcome
45Bill collector?35Fish story
47Tiered Eastern temple36___ interface
50Something measured by holding fingers on the wrist39Kinda sorta
51Trojan War epic40Big enchilada
52Galileo’s hometown42Frenzied race
54A detour offers a different one: Abbr.44Coconut product
57Shell collector?45Wool, for a sheep
59Undoing of legislation46Short albums, for short
62Mobile CPR provider47Puff pieces?
63Hit the ___ (go to bed)48San Antonio mission
64Intimidates49Main points
65Morse code plea52Treaty
66Multiple jobs, metaphorically53Ticks off
67It might come with a cherry on top55“Toodles!”
56“What ___ is new?”
58Cry of shear terror?
60It’s in la Seine
61The clue for 58-Down, e.g. [sorry!]

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